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Coach Jaime Phillips


JGP Soccer sessions are ran by Jaime Phillips. Coach Jaime offers the opportunity for players to be coached in an individual or small group setting where the coach-to-player attention and coaching time is at a maximum.

We have set schedule sessions throughout the year but can also schedule sessions for a time and location that suits you.


Players will be trained in technical and tactical areas of soccer. The player can request to work on certain areas for their game or you can let the JGP Soccer assess your skill, your playing position and your physical attributes and we will identify training needs.

Individual Training

These sessions are designed to offer a more individual approach to training. Players benefit from a session uniquely tailored to their individual skills and needs.We will work with the player to build players strengths, minimize weaknesses, and reach the player's personal goals and potential.

Small Group Training

JGP Soccer offers the opportunity for small groups to develop specific skills and methods of play. These sessions are designed to concentrate on the individuals' needs, in addition to incorporating small game-like situations.

This option is a great mix of individual attention and small group coaching. Groups can be made of team-mates looking to work on a specific tactical aspect of play, or just practice their own technique in challenged situations.

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